Here comes 2020. Why You Should Review Your 2019

Photo credit to Lucas Pezeta

January is coming to an end, is it too late to review your 2019? Better late than never, right? How many of you had a fantastic year? Props to you! How many of you are unsure whether you had a fruitful year? Don’t worry, most of us are on the same page! I’m here to help you remember how your 2019 went with these three questions.

Before we start with the questions, be mentally prepared to go through your social media, emails, google photos, WhatsApp, or Telegram messages. Good memories, bad memories; we are here to evaluate our 2019.

Q1. What Were My Biggest Achievements

Ask yourself this question, in 2019, “what were my biggest achievements?” People often think that it has to be something super big that happened in their life. No. Don’t judge yourself based on other’s success. You own your measurement of success. You’ve made your first move and got yourself a partner. You landed a job that pays you. You created your first TikTok video. No matter how big or small your achievements are, be proud of it. Own it! Period.

Q2. What Could I Have Done Better?

Are you done with the first question? It looks like you forget you had more achievements than that. Don’t doubt yourself! The second thing that we need to ask ourselves is, “what could I have done better?” Get critical of yourself! Be harsh with yourself! Did I procrastinate a lot last year? Did I had a quality sleep? Did I do more of what makes me happy? Was I not smiling enough, or was I moody? Did I or did I not stick to my goals? Was I not productive enough? Be as critical as you can!

Q3. What’s Missing From My Life?

By now, you should already know what you have done so far for 2019. Was it a good year for you? If not, what’s missing from your life? Was it worth my time? Did you compromise anything for the sake of others? Were you happy? Do you want more? What is it that you desire truly? Start asking yourself deep questions. It is okay if you don’t have the answers right now, but give yourself time. The answers will tell you what to do for 2020.

“Listen to yourself more. You deserve another chance in life. Make 2020 count.”

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Have a great 2020, everyone!



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